Skeem Saam Actor Paul “Malume Josias” Rapetsoa Dies.

Skeem Saam Actor Paul “Malume Josias” Rapetsoa Dies

Bra Paul or Malume Josias as he is affectionately known is no more. The news of his death was announced on the Skeem Saam official social media handles. No cause of death has been revealed. Condolence messages poured in for the 70-year-old after news was shared.

Reads the message “We approach the end of 2020 with heavy hearts! Rest In Peace Bra Paul, you will forever be remembered and sorely missed. We keep his family in our prayers!

Many people could not believe that the larger than life character had died.Malume Josias appeared in the news a few weeks ago when he gave a touching message to top learners at Taxila Secodnary school.

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He said ““We are here to honour the children for their hard work as children are important. Today we celebrate these learners’ achievements as well as motivate them to keep working hard so they can perform exceptional during the examination,” he said.”

Rapetsoa, further gave the learners five fundamental tips to success which included:
1. Utilise your ability to the maximum.
2. Don’t compare your worth by comparing yourself to others, do not look down upon yourself, trust yourself.
3. Believe in yourself.
4. Work hard in silence and let your successes make all the noise, and pray hardest.
5. Do not be lazy and postpone things, do it now.

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