Skeem Saam Actress Lucky To Be Alive. Pebetsi Matlaila, who plays the role of Mokgadi on SABC1 drama series Skeem Saam, has opened up about her battle with depression, saying it is a demon that can kill you.

Skeem Saam Actress Lucky To Be Alive

She says that she has dealt with depression before and she knows when it is about to attack.

“I have dealt with depression before, so I can see the signs when it starts to creep back into my life. I know the symptoms. I reach out to my therapist, speak to my family members and seek spiritual strength when I get depressed,” she says.

The actress warns that trying to be strong or a hero when depression strikes is not ideal. She advises people to get help as soon as possible.

Pebetsi recently went through another traumatic experience in her life. The actress, who recently delivered a healthy baby, says her childbirth experience wasn’t exactly smooth sailing as she developed complications during her pregnancy.

“I had a traumatic delivery. I was told that I almost lost my life during labour because of a condition called Pre-eclampsia. I was left shaken because apparently, most women and their babies don’t survive,” says Pebetsi.

Her brush with death has given her a renewed sense of appreciation for life.

“This experience has left me appreciative of my loved ones. It’s so easy to ignore certain health requirements as we grow older. We forget that the older we get, so do our bodies. That’s why we need to invest in proper health care,” she explains.

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Pebetsi is grateful to God for giving her another chance at life.

“My baby came out alive and I survived. I thank God for the miracle because even the doctors were surprised. God is not done with me. The doctors brought me and my baby back from death,” she says.

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