Skeem Saam Emkay Actor Becomes A Sangoma And Spirit Medium. Actor Mlungisi Mathe is one the Mzansi celebs who has answered his ancestral calling.

Skeem Saam Emkay Actor Becomes A Sangoma And Spirit Medium - Pics

Mlungisi Ncube, who is well known for his role as Emkay on Skeem Saam, is already a practising sangoma but still going through the ukuthwasa, initiating process.

Mlungisi opened up on his journey as a sangoma

Fortunately, there are things I already knew and understood.

“Although it’s been hectic, lots of things were revealed to me.

“I found out about stuff I didn’t know about myself, stuff I didn’t understand from a young age. I now understand why some things happened,” he said.

The Skeem Saam actor said answering the calling was hardest thing he had to do and he doesn’t wish it on anyone else.

Mlungisi Mathe explained that the gift of healing is is hard because one loses themselves.

“Amadlozi are using you and getting their first chance of life through you.”

He said he knew about his spiritual calling when he was still a teenager and the spirits haunted him but he didn’t know what was happening.

“It was sometimes dreams and visions at other times;”

The Skeem Saam actor said it took him a while to accept his calling, because he was confused and had no one to guide him and explain to him what was happening.

“The fact that I took time to accept it was a problem. A lot of things got ruined. When you take time to accept a calling, amadlozi think you’re being disrespectful.”

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Mlungisi explained that he is not just a sangoma but he is also a deeply spiritual person and a spirit medium.

I read books, the Bible and interpret dreams and people’s journeys,”

The actor explained that his calling gets in the way of his work as an artist and if he refuses to help people with his calling, his other side comes to a standstill.

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