#Skeem Saam: Was Seakamela really Pretty’s biological father?  It’s not raining, but pouring for Mantuli lately. Things have gone south immediately after Seakamela’s death.

#Skeem Saam: Was Seakamela really Pretty’s biological father

Pretty Seakamela remembered what really happened in the past. His father, Seakamela, used to isolate her every time. Now the big question is, Is Seakamela really Pretty’s biological father? Poor Pretty has already done DNA test in her own home, and her mother lied to her about the DNA. She told her that she is doing it for Insurance company, Something is fishy here.

According to my own understanding, Mantuli cheated. Why would she agreed to do the DNA test if she didn’t cheat? That’s why Seakamela left her and married another woman. He didn’t want to reveal everything to his children, because he loved them.

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The truth will come out soon no matter what, it can’t be hidden forever. Mantuli cheated with someone from Turfloop, and the only person who might have cheated with Mantuli, is John Maputla.

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