Skeem Saam’s Wallet And Evelyn Dating In Real Life?He was a disruptive child in primary school and as punishment, his teacher made him participate in a school play. At the time, nobody knew that the punishment would become a calling that would lead him to become a household name.

Skeem Saam’s Wallet And Evelyn Dating In Real Life?

That little child has grown up and is now the much-loved Ntate Wallet on Skeem Saam, thanks to a teacher’s punishment methods.

Actor Molefi Monaisa (47) speaks to Durm about his character and how playing the role has been one of the greatest pleasures of his career. He takes us on a journey of how he went from a Tswana speaking boy n Potchefstroom to the English-speaking Wallet.

Wallet has been through a lot hey, it’s great to see him this happy, this relationship should continue forever. Wallet is even driving her car, he won this mjolo thing.

Now Wallet has found love n the arms of Evelyn, played by Vele Manenje. Evelyn is a former schoolteacher who is intelligent and well-spoken. She is a zealous reader with a fondness for poetry.

The two of them started a romantic relationship with their love for reading as the foundation.

“It’s so strange to see Wallet in love,” Molefi says. “It’s strange because she has been on the show since the frst season, and we have never seen this side of him. am very happy for him and as an actor, it is always important for me to portray him authentically without making him look like a buffoon because he isn’t”

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In real life, there are people who this Molefi can’t speak any vernac because of Wallet.

The two however are not dating in real life and each one of them is leading their life separately and enjoying their respective relationships.


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