#SkeemSaam Actress Amanda Du Pont (Lelo) On Why She Visited Jub Jub In Prison. Amanda Du Pont Addresses Claims Of Visiting Jub Jub While He Was In Prison. Amanda Du Pont has exposed her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub real name Molemo Maarohanye for being an alleged rapist and an abuser.

#SkeemSaam Actress Amanda Du Pont (Lelo) On Why She Visited Jub Jub In Prison

In a lengthy video detailing the rape and abuse suffered at the hands of the rapper, the actress also addressed a few narratives that were circulating about her.

After MacG’s interview with Jub Jub where he falsified his relationship with Amanda, social media users were convinced that she was the one that got away.

A picture of Amanda with Jub Jub while in prison has also been circulating on social media and tweeps were led to believe that she visited the rapper while he was serving his sentence.

Amanda has now addressed the claims of visiting Molemo in jail as false, claiming that she was there for a charity event and had no idea that he would be there.

Amanda claims DJ Sbu had reached out to her about attending a charity event for prisoners who were in reform and were graduating. Upon seeing her there Jub Jub asked for a picture, and it took a lot of strength for her to pose with her ex for a picture.


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“I was there for a charity event, I had no idea that Molemo was one of the prisoners locked up at that very prison, I had no idea he would be there, I had no idea there would be media there and in fear when he asked for a photo I panicked and did my best to smile,” she said.

Apparently, a friend of Jub Jub’s told Amanda that they have had many out-of-court settlements for the rapper doing the same thing to other women, and he is devastated that Amanda did not speak up.
Amanda has received a lot of support since posting the video and we hope she gets the justice that she is seeking.


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