Next On SkeemSaam: MaNtuli confesses something to Kwaito regarding his paternity.This week’s Skeem Saam is getting hotter and hotter day by day. It feels like SkeemSaam is thriller movie.

#SkeemSaam  Rest in peace Noah

It can make you shocked, surprised and emotionally unbalanced in one episode. Charity is going to spill the beans when she sees the bean that Meikie carried.

In this month update of Skeem Saam Viewers are gonna love the show and lots of f dramas will be taking place including Seakamela’s havoc and Maputla while Leshol Mabitsela received his breakthrough finally.

In June Episode you will see that MaNtuli will confesses something to Kwaito regarding his paternity. It’s only a matter of time before the news break the whole Turf. Charity will be forced to go into hiding after the video of John Maputla leaving her house was seen circulating in Turf street. Remember her dream come true she will go into fight with Meikie. Little did Meikie know that his so called friend and neighbour is the one who is destroying her house.

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Tears of joy when Leshole said he got the job and will be starting soon. Lesholes win is my win. How we wish Big Boy was still alive t witness his son’s success maybe take a flying tour again who knows maybe to Dubai.

Mzansi has alwayswanted Leshole to succeed so much. We are genuinely happy for him that at least at the end there’s one things which is going fine in his life and coming together Mzansi could not help but to celebrate with him.

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