Snake Vomits Money After Getting Kiss From Owner : Watch. The belief that snakes vomit money and people use them to enrich themselves has been around for a while.

Snake Vomits Money After Getting Kiss From Owner - Video

Back in the day it was shrouded in secrecy. However nowadays people just flaunt their snakes in public. Mostly those who flaunt their money making snakes are living the life of the rich and famous.

A video has surfaced again showing a man with his snake at a mall. The man, who MzansiNdaba believes is in his early 30’s can be seen sitting in his flashy drop top car as his snake slithers on the wind screen.

At one point, the man kisses the snake much to the amusement of the bystanders who all had their phones out taking videos.

While some bystanders got frightened and tried to take cover, others were courageous enough to take videos.

Money ritual is a fetish practice that which African youth resort to in a bid to get rich quick without toiling like everyone else.

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The practice is common in South Africa as well as other countries on the continent, and it is on the increase because poverty and joblessness coupled with greed and laziness of some young people themselves make them see money ritual as the easiest option.
Although some of them become miserable not long after temporary affluence and others die due to the inability to meet the conditions of their spiritual masters, money ritual remains attractive to some young people.

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