Somizi and Mohale Mhlongo-Motaung’s relationship since it has been opened up for public scrutiny has started to reveal the long-term effects of having a very public relationship. The couple has had to face ongoing breakup and separation rumors week-in, week-out. And the story a clickbait has been fueled by the two clapping back to the rumors.

Somizi And Mohale Put On United Front Amidst Separation

The latest allegations reported that Somizi has moved out of the marital Dainfern home over three weeks ago. The matter was especially sparked by Somizi’s latest Instagram. In the image Somizi is posing in a house that for Instagrammers that follow Som-Gaga did not know. The timeline is dictate with how long the personality has posted images of him at his most popular home, because the home is the same one that they shoot his reality show at. However, Somizi has never made it a secret that he has more than one property space.

Mohale on the other hand, has been reported to be spending less time at home. Reports are that the twenty-something-year old is living his best life in the North. Mohale is reported to spending less time at home, and more time painting the town red with friends and even more friends. The matter was made worse by the fact that this past week, Mohale attended his friend’s funeral alone. All the while, his husband was partying a storm in the presence of his “true endless love,” Vusi Nova.” A man that Somizi has openly admitted to kiss on the mouth- but as a “friend…”

Whatever, the speculations, it seems that the two reunited this past Saturday at least. Mohale went Mini Cooper car testing driving this weekend. And to get the car dealership he was in Somizi’s Mercedes Benz SUV. I mean we have seen that car enough times to know. Therefore, if the story was a true as suggested, that would mean that Somizi drove to the home he left to fetch his husband, to please the car sponsor and portray a happy couple when they are not happy?

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While the two did not feature each other on each other’s social media, Somizi did take to Instagram to congratulate his husband for getting a new Mini Cooper as part of the endorsement deal. This makes Mohale a multiple car owner. Earlier this year, Mohale revealed that he had acquired a new Bentley. The car make is still unknown as all that Mohale shared of the vehicle’s key – nothing else.

The couple seem to have taken it upon themselves to work on keeping their relationship private and away from the scrutiny of social media. Maybe the suggested new home for the two is a space for them to start again on a clean slate.

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