Somizi Exposes His Ben 10 Husband In Viral Video He Took In Their Bedroom.

Somizi Exposes His Ben 10 Husband In Viral Video

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s video which he recorded in his bedroom showing his Ben 10 husband busy on his phone while in bed has gone viral.

The 40- second video shows Mohale concentrating on his and stealing quick glances on the television while eating icecream in bed.

Somizi’s husband, Mohale in those seconds never looked at Somizi who was recording him while he carried on concentrating on his phone.

In a different video also gone viral on social media, Somizi raised the issue that it’s silent at home and he is starting to get attention from outside his marriage from people he flirt with.

“Because it’s silent here at home, i started getting attention outside,” he said.

This is however not the first time, Somizi has complained about Mohale not giving him attention because he is busy on his phone even in the bedroom.

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Social media users who reacted to the video stated that communication is key to a lasting relationship, marriage and that Somizi if he want his husband to change his behavior, he must speak to him in a respectable manner not exposing him on social media with these videos.

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