Cellphone addiction has rocked the Somhale household putting a strain on their relationship. This after Somizi had an open discussion on social media with fans about how cellphones can cause a bit of disturbance between a couple and often leaving the other neglected.Somizi: I wish to be touched Like a Phone – Video

Somizi: I wish to be touched Like a Phone - Video

The Idols judge said he thinks cellphone addiction is too self-serving causing one to not pay attention to their partner.

It’s not the phone’s problem. It is the person who is using the phone. So, we are not blaming the phone, the phone doesn’t pick itself up. It’s not even about me feeling neglected. I find it also to be too self-serving.

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If you are not on Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, you are taking pictures, you are taking selfies. I feel like, yoh, sometimes I wish to be touched like that phone,” he opened up.

Somgaga also said he and Mohale created a toxic environment because they shunned away from that conversation.

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