Somizi Reveals His Promise To Vusi Nova. Somhale’s fairytale marriage is on the rocks but Somizi is not letting that kill his spirits.

Somizi Reveals His Promise To Vusi Nova

He is making every moment of his existence count and best friend Vusi Nova is his shoulder to cry on. The two have been giving us nothing but good vibes as they embark on ‘bestications’ together, and this will most likely be a biweekly affair.

This past weekend, Somizi Mhlongo and Vusi Nova went on yet another bestication but for Somgaga he was also securing his bags. The all-rounder who is also a passionate chef has been serving people African Cuisine’s every Sunday for the past two Sundays, all the way through March. He serves the most mouthwatering food to his fans at the Cofi Brooklyn restaurant in Pretoria. Next Sunday will be the final leg of the Pretoria tour, and he will then serve his food to other cities.

This time, Vusi Nova tagged along and the two had the time of their lives. Somgaga is set on creating memories with Vusi, “happiness and living lives between me and him. Memories for life @vusinova1,” he said in an Instagram post.

He even revealed that they have promised each other vacations every two weeks for the whole of 2021, and it seems as though they intend on keeping that promise. “We promised each other that 2021 we are doing vacations every 2 weeks…so far so good…..bestiecation.”


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Now, his fans as well as trolls, stay meddling in his marriage with Mohale Motaung seeing how he is always spending time with his best friend. Even though they have never addressed any of the rumours of a rocky marriage, actions do indeed speak louder than words.


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Somgaga did acknowledge that they are going through adversity in their marriage when a fan pointed out that he is always wearing his wedding ring. The fan wrote, “I love that in spite of all the challenges in your marriage, you did not take off your ring. In addition, you chose to be dignified and focus your energies on being happy surrounding yourself with friends instead of cheating. That is power and strenght.”

Usually Somgaga would tell concerned fans like this where to get off but he instead replied with the words “thank you.”

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Whilst they are enjoying each other’s companies, Mohale on the other hand has been on work mode ever since acquiring office space for his Glam Troupe company. He has been serving some boardroom sauce and securing his future. On the weekend of the bestication, Mohale enjoyed a weekend with his little sister and her friends, “My lil sis @pulane_is is taking me partying with her mates… this is gonna be fun!”

This has been a trend we noticed with Mohale, everytime Hubstar is out enjoying Vusi’s company, he is always either with family or friends or bossing it up at Glam Troupe.

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