Somizi has taken to social media to question why heterosexual men are invested in his homosexual relationship with his husband, Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo.Somizi’s Closed Letter To Straight Men

Somizi's Closed Letter To Straight Men

In what he titled his “closed letter,” to indicate that this should be the last time he addresses the matter. Somizi question how is it possible that straight men are invested in his relationship with his husband.

The personality took flack for posting semi-nude images which were taken by his husband during their safari get away. While many of fans celebrated their black excellence post, men were aggravated by seeing Somizi’s cheeks.

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When addressing the matter, the beloved personality suggested that heterosexual women dating the men that are trolling him should be cautious. Somizi suggested that there might be unresolved matters that the “straight men” are masking with their hate, instead of being of honest about wanting to be next to him by taking Mohale’s place. And guess what, that is not happening!

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