Son of a Diplomat: Gomora actor Qhoqhoqho grew up in Europe, his mother’s job shocks Mzansi. Gomora actor Qhoqhoqho ‘Pakamisa Zwedala’ is a son of a diplomat, he grew up in Europe, and his mother’s job shocks Mzansi.

Son of a Diplomat: Gomora actor Qhoqhoqho grew up in Europe, his mother’s job shocks Mzansi

Pakamisa Zwedala plays the role of Qhoqhoqho on Gomora; his character is an unforgiving, brutal Xhosa criminal who thrives on fear and intimidation.

Qhoqhoqho debuts Gomora as a hardened criminal who had a past relationship with Don Buthelezi –the role played by Israel Matseke Zulu. On a mission to eliminate Don, Ntokozo and Stompie sold his car to Qhoqhoho and staged a car hijack to set him in Qhoqhoqho’s nest. Their plan failed because the two hardcore criminals were childhood friends.

Qhoks, as he is known in the car hijacking syndicates, returns to Gomora to avenge Don’s death and recover his money. Don’s killer and baby mama was his prime suspect; he approached Zodwa with intimidation before Bongani diverted him in Melusi Dlamini’s way.

A brutal reformed criminal who terrorized Gomora before reforming to become the most respected figure and Principal at Gomora High School, Melusi doesn’t take prisoners from Qhoqhoqho.

Pakamisa Zwedala is popular on Mzansi screens for playing the roles of villains on different sets; he struggles to shake off the bad boy tag earned from playing lousy boy roles.
Despite continuously playing villain roles, Pakamisa wants his fans to know that he is not a bad guy at all.

Qhoqhoqho’s real name is Pakamisa Zwedala; he was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape; he left the country when he was six years old to live with his mother in America.

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After some years, he moved to Portugal, where he completed high school; his mother served as an ambassador to South Africa in several European countries. A Xhosa by origin, Pakamisa lost his father at the age of nine, thus making an effort to speak fluent Xhosa and attend an initiation school to honour him.

Raised by a South African Diplomat, her mother, who was an ambassador, trained Pakamisa a lot about people and diplomatic skills.

In his acting career, he played the role of Katlego Modise, the President’s Head of Security on the Mzansi Magic drama series The Republic.

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