Sonia Mbele survives food poisoning. Actress Sonia Mbele survived food poisoning after she consumed seafood last week and she was immediately admitted to the hospital after she felt excruciating pain.

Sonia Mbele survives food poisoning

According to Sunday World. the star is recovering at home after being discharged from the health center.

For over 5 years Sonia has been a pescatarian (a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish) – She said the food that led to the food poisoning was bought at a take-away food outlet in Morningside, Sandton.

However, she didn’t fault the food outlet.

“I can’t blame the restaurant. I bought the food to eat and kept some for later and forgot to warm it up. I immediately got sick, started throwing up,” said Sonia, noting that the incident freaked her out.”

The food poisoning scared the actress, but she’s getting better at home.

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Sonia is still weak and spends most of her time resting; the incident is assumed to have caused her inactiveness on Instagram.

“I should be ready and fully fit next week, I had to cancel all my meetings last week,” she added.

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