Spaza Shop owner shocks SA when he buys a Lambo. Gabriel is 45 year old man who owns a spaza shop in around Venda. He has been on the business for quite a while now. He’s the bread winner on his family, they all depend on him since his wife helps him out in the shop.

Spaza Shop owner shocks SA when he buys a Lambo

Gabriel’s business started flowing and he made a lot of profit every single day and he would even make extra during the festive seasons. But nobody knew what he spent hi money on and what he did with it because he’s a strict man who doesn’t like spoiling his family.

People started to think that he’s just a stingy man who who doesn’t even want to do something special for his family. Until he did the unthinkable, Gabriel bought his dream car. Which is a Lamborghini. Everyone was completely shocked including his own family.

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They have always knew that he’s a Lamborghini fan but they never thought he’d buy one or even afford one. He explained that it has always been his dream to own a Lamborghini since he suffered all these years without having a car. He said that he used all his 5 years savings and bought this sports car worth a million just to accomplish his milestone.

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