Speedy recovery to former Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King aka Mangcobo. She hasn’t been on screen for some time now and her fans have expressed how much they miss her on television. Dawn Thandeka King had kept her knee injury to herself for months until she decided to share with Drum about the injury.

Speedy recovery to former Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka King aka Mangcobo

” It has been a frustrating journey but my priority was healing properly. Also you can’t rush healing especially when you have surgery,” she said.

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Although she decided to go back on screen around August, unfortunately her Knee injury hadn’t healed so she had to stay home. The former Uzalo actress shared a video on social media explaining to her fans the progress of healing with her injury. She mentioned in the video that her Knee injury is healing well since she’s been going to physio, and she is able to walk without crutches.

She further went on and mentioned that she’s hopeful that by January next year she’ll be back on screen. Her fans were happy to hear that she’s healing well and wished her a speedy recovery on the comments. Uzalo viewers are also hoping to see her character Mangcobo return to the show. Dawn Thandeka King joined DiepCity a few months before her injury which was such a challenge for her character on the show. The actress is still part of the cast and her character is doing a six months learnership in Mpumalanga.

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