For the longest time, Itu and Sphelele have always defended themselves against rumours that they got together while he was still with Sbahle Mpisane. Well it seems Sphelele has allegedly finally outed them. This is as a result of an anniversary post she posted on Instagram.

Sphelele exposes Khune for cheating

“3 years of loving each other down, Forever to go. Happy Anniversary my love💍”
was her simple caption.

While the fans were all for the celebrations what they found difficult to reconcile were the years she says they have been together for. Khune was with Sbahle until 2018 just after her car accident. So it’s either Sphelele mistakenly wrote 3 years instead of 2 or Khune was dating Sphelele on the side while he was with Sbahle.

The comments section was also confused.

3 years you say. Anyway Congrats 🎉

3??? ❤️

Hai this girl is just EMBARRASSING herself. She should have stuck to happy anniversary FULL STOP.🤦🏽‍♀️

The last time someone said anything about their union, Sphelele responded to the hate, calling the naysayers ‘bitter’ and ‘sad’.

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The couple dominated headlines last year when Khune decided to put a ring on it. However, it did not stop there, the two also hinted at pregnancy and later confirmed the wonderful news.

With that celebratory time in their lives and the support they received from fans, came a mountain of hate and disrespect from haters. Sphelele was “warned” that Khune cannot be trusted, with claims he can dribble her at any given time.

Fast forward to a recent snap the soon-to-be mom shared, which her legion of fans described as ‘a picture that silences the haters’ and ‘a picture of love’, Sphelele decided it was time to say her piece. Mrs K replied and simply said the haters are bitter and sad.

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