Spiderman in Limpopo leaves Mzansi in stitches. Man who named himself Sipho-Man went viral on all social media platforms. After he was recorded dancing at a party in Limpopo. Sipho by his real name was invited to a party to celebrate together with his neighbors.

Spiderman in Limpopo leaves Mzansi in stitches - Video

The video went all over social media after he was spotted doing nasty dances which as popular in South Africa. People reacted to the video as they pulled out similar cartoon videos which are hired by locals to entertain children at parties.

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Sipho became social media sensation his video trended all over. People couldn’t get enough of him dancing Gwara-Gwara moves. The man pocketed himself over 20k plus likes on Twitter alone. People were left in stitches while others used his character to put their children to bed eat night.

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