Student Shoots And Kills Teacher After He Fails His Matric Exams. After it was confirmed that a female teacher was shot and killed just near the school entrance at Phomolong Secondary School. Residents are still shocked after it was revealed who allegedly killed the teacher and why.

Student Shoots And Kills Teacher After He Fails His Matric Exams

Apparently, it was allegedly revealed that the teacher (Mam Thembi Ngendane) was shot and killed by a learner from the same school.


According to sources, the teacher was shot dead by a fellow learner that failed matric.It is very heartbreaking that the learner took out his frustrations to the teacher for eventually failing matric.

Seemingly the learner blames the late (Mam Thembi Ngendane) for not passing matric as she used to teach Geography.


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It is a very troubling incident and the residents of Tembisa are still shocked by it. Learners are also left traumatized by the incident as they witnessed their beloved teacher lose her life right in front of them.

She was shot five (5) times by the alleged learner and sadly lost her life right on the scene. Apparently, the paramedics could not do anything to help and certified that the teacher has passed away. The incident has left many people heartbroken and also the family of the deceased is still shocked by the sad news.

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