Sylvia Monyela speaks on becoming a mom again after ex-husband killed their 4 kids. She has had a tough life. Her partner killed her four children and she had to face him in court where she testified about years of abuse and emotional pain.

Sylvia Monyela speaks on becoming a mom again after ex-husband killed their 4 kids

The 52-year-old Limpopo former attorney, Lucas Phasha, was found guilty, convicted and sentenced to life sentences for each count of murder for killing his own children.

He murdered his and Sylvia Monyela’s four children, Katlego (9), Joyce (7), Tshepo (5) and Adel (3) in February 2020. The four young ones were found dead in Ga-Phasha village, Limpopo.

Not long after he was sentenced, the distraught mother appeared on the Moja Love show Mamazala, where thousands of South Africans heard her story of sorrow and abuse and banded together to make sure she had resources.

Now Sylvia is making the best out of life with her newborn baby girl that she’s named Kgomotso, a Sepedi name meaning comfort.

Her baby will be three months old on 14 January. She’s trying to move on with her life, she revealed.

“I have found peace in myself trying to forget about what happened in the past and live in the present so that I can walk into the future,” Monyela says.

She’s found a good man. “We are not yet married and he is a good gentleman, a caring father and not abusive. I don’t want to disclose his name now for security reasons. I have moved on with my life and now I am looking for a job to focus in taking care and raising my little bambino.”

Her life has been full of trials and tribulations. She tells Drum that her mom died in 2000. She and her siblings Happy, Tsietsi and Tebogo survived on a foster care grant because they didn’t know who their biological father was. Their aunt raised them and all they know is poverty.

Then she thought she had found love with Lucas, a former attorney who had been in trouble with the law. It was a turbulent relationship and in 2020 in June, he murdered their children.

Lucas is a former attorney who’s been accused of hitting his children with nails in the back of the head before dumping them in a trench.

The youngest child was found bludgeoned to death with a huge rock some distance from the other three children.

She had to detail years of abuse in court, where she also accused the police of turning her away when she went to apply for a protection order against him.

When he was sentenced, Sylvia was elated.

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“I am very, very happy. I don’t know what to do. He must go, he knows that he killed my children even though he hurt me so much when he denied to accept his wrong doing,” she said at the time.

She’s looking for a job now so she can look after her child as she’s struggling. “It is not fair for the government to continue taking care of of those who committed crime, wronged the society. They feed them in prison at the expense of the tax payers. What about law abiding citizens and victims of crime?”

But even though she’s struggling to buy food, she loves her new baby and can’t wait to see the life they are going to build.

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