Talented Young SA Lady Draws Rasta and “Fixes” One of His Paintings. A young man recently headed online to share a photo of art that was done by his friend of local artist Rasta,

Talented Young SA Lady Draws Rasta and "Fixes" One of His Paintings

In the caption of the post the young man explains that his friend drew Rasta and also “fixed” one of Rasta’s other portraits – Many people loved the post and headed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the young lady’s talent .

Rasta may just have some serious competition in the form of a talented young lady that was able to draw him perfectly with a pencil and not just that, she also “fixed” a painting that he did of SA actress Connie Ferguson. Heading to the popular app, Twitter, the young lady’s friend, @KG_NORTHERN, shared a picture of the exceptionally well-done drawing that she had recently done. In the caption, he also praises the young lady for her stellar drawing skills.

“My friend Thandeka M. Painted Rasta and also fixed his painting ….. pure talent. Please follow her @ThandolwamiM. Guys follow me as well…. I’ll keep showing our very own black young talents,” he captioned the photo.


Very soon many locals were heading to the comment section to share their thoughts.


Talented Young SA Lady Draws Rasta and "Fixes" One of His Paintings

Read a few of them below:

@Phindi_SDlamini said: “Thandeka did the country an injustice, she was supposed to paint Rasta and make him look like Mandela so that he can feel the pain he inflicts on other kids.”

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@DallasMaloka said: “Y did she paint such a “real” Rasta?? Should have painted n abstract one, in fact Burning Spear so he can feel what ppl feel when he misrepresents their own” 

Rasta, who has become famous for honouring deceased legends with paintings, has been trending as locals begged him not to attempt a painting of King Goodwill out of fears that he may fail to properly capture the King’s features.

“If there ever was a time to arrest Rasta or take his paint brush & canvas it would be now before he even thinks of doing a tribute to King Goodwill Zwelithini,” wrote one Twitter user, @MatriarchMellow. 

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