While fans of Mzansi Magic’s Uthando Nes’thembu do not expect polygamist Musa Mseleku’s wives to be the picture of unity and love each other unconditionally, they’ve had to admit recently they don’t believe the wives like each other. Tension between MaYeni & MaCele becomes too much for fans to handle! – Video

 Tension between MaYeni & MaCele becomes too much for fans to handle! - Video

The latest episode of the reality show confirmed fans’ suspicions when the tension between wife number one and two — MaCele and MaYeni — was so thick, it could be cut with a knife – through the television screen.

MaYeni, who is a firm fave, has always been applauded for her calmness in chaotic situations and how she usually has pearls of wisdom to share with the other wives.

MaCele is known as the bully of the household, having had conflict with all the wives at some point. However, fans also know the warm and kind side of Musa’s first wife, which she reserves mainly for the children.

For as long as Mzansi has known the family, MaCele and MaYeni’s relationship has never been flowery. Fans have suspected ]it has something to do with the real status of “the first wife”.

MaCele enjoys flaunting her privilege as first wife in the polygamous marriage. However, MaYeni was the one who met Musa first and could have been first wife had her family not had issues with the lifestyle.

Watch Musa explain that situation below:

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On Thursday night, MaCele and MaYeni found themselves in a “high tea” competition and the tension was super high. MaCele threw low-key jabs towards MaYeni throughout the show, and MaYeni was not having it!

Here are some of the reactions from tweeps:




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