Television heartthrob Thabang Molaba, has called out a guy who is after his girl. The actor who often shies away from revealing his girlfriend on social media for public consumption, felt a pity for ladies whose men are playing them dirty.

Thabang calls out a guy who is gunning for his girlfriend.

In a tweet he slammed a guy who is busy talking to his girl. Thabang said what makes things worse is that, he even follows the guy on social media and his girlfriend.

He further stated that they know they are dating with his girlfriend because they flaunt their romance on social media, and the lovebirds even know about them too, but mo’guy is gunning for his girlfriend now.

“Ladies, nihamba nijola hey (you date whoever) . This one busy halaring at my girl, that time I follow him and his hun, we ALL know they dating coz they ouchea bout it. He follows me and my girl, he knows about us but STILL? Yesses. I’m p*ssed,” he wrote.

Ladlamini stated “He’s doing it on purpose ungamnaki. I just pity his girlfriend coz he clearly doesn’t care for her. Probably just using her…kona sihamba sila man”

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When another Twitter user said why is he calling out the ladies instead of the guy, he responded by saying he called them out both and addressed the matter.

The TV star who played the character of Karabo Molapo. an aspiring rapper, who is not living up to his father’s expectations in Blood and Water. Recently spoke to ZAlebs about how he received a call that he landed the role in the series while he was with his girlfriend.

“I went to the first audition and waited for 3 weeks and after that, I was told that I got a callback and my agency pranked me and said I flopped in the first audition, so I need to pull up my socks and when I got to the call back I did the best and I remember 2 days later I got a call when I was with my girlfriend and I was told that you for the role,” he said.

Thabang is famous for portraying the character of Gift Mabuza on The Queen Mzansi. His acting career has been nothing short of amazing since he shot fame. The thespian has managed to carve out an inspiring acting career in the industry. The manner in which he goes about delivering his artistry has catapulted his career to greater heights.

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