Thathi ‘Katlego Danke’s million dollar garage ‘Ferraris and BMWs. A look at Gomora actress Thathi ‘Katlego Danke’s million dollar garage ‘Ferraris and BMWsIt will be unfair to talk about outstanding actresses in Mzansi without bringing Katlego Danke into the equation.

Her exceptional and excellent acting skills have made her a household name in the entertainment industry. As a testament to her skills, Katlego has a cabinet of awards to display.

However, besides being a top-notch actress, she lives an expensive life. She has been spotted on several occasions driving luxurious cars leaving Mzansi questioning if the vehicles are hers or not?

The 43-year-old actress is one of the most reserved personalities who don’t flash their lifestyle on social media. Katlego always says:

My private life is private, and it is not for everyone to delve into

However, as SavannaNews, we have connected the dots regarding the cars she drives. Here is a sneak peek at Katlego Danke’s million-dollar garage.

A look at Gomora actress Thathi ‘Katlego Danke’s million dollar garage ‘Ferraris, BMWs and Mercedes G Wagons’

BMW convertible

Katlego Danke is a charming actress who blesses herself with the best fast cars. Her garage is well decorated with expensive vehicles, including a BMW convertible valued at R2.5 million. She confirmed the purchase of her car on her Instagram in 2019. She is indeed living like a queen, as she calls herself.

Mercedes Benz G Wagon

The actress we all love to hate is among the girls with G Wagons. She owns a limited edition of Mercedes Benz G Wagon with an estimated R1. 9 million market value. She shared her beast on her Instagram, and her fans praised her for her great taste when it comes to cars. She has also been spotted driving it several times; it looks like that’s her favourite car.

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Blue Ferrari

Not only does Katlego Danke has a great fashion sense, but she also knows how to choose cars. Her Ferrari is the most expensive car in her garage, and she usually uses it for her Instagram images. She has a blue Ferrari valued at R4. 9 million in her garage and he confirmed the purchase of her car on her Instagram. Judging from her car collection, one can tell that the actress is wealthy and doesn’t settle for anything less.


The actress once made headlines after sharing a picture of herself on her new Maserati car valued at R2.4 million. Katlego later confirmed that she had bought the car on her Instagram, and Mzansi congratulated her.

Besides the cars she bought herself, Katlego was gifted a brand new vehicle by Mini ABM in 2017 after signing a brand ambassadorial deal with them.

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