The Babes Wodumo Trolling Train Still Running. Few days after laying her husband and baby father to rest, Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo continues to be the talk of the town. Whether performing at a New Year’s Eve concert a day after Mampintsha’s funeral or social media making her on a Clientele Life poster.

The Babes Wodumo Trolling Train Still Running

Mzansi has come guns blazing to defend Babes Wodumo from trolls who are already making fun of her on social media. The video in question at Mampintsha’s memorial services, scores of trolls have made their own renditions to make a mockery of the Gqom Queen.

The recent post making round on social media is Babes Wodumo on a Clientele Life poster next to Clientele Life Ambassador, Lilian Dube. Whether trolls are already manifesting Babes Wodumo’s fate to join the likes of Ayanda Ncwane who became a Clientele Life Ambassadors, shortly after her husband’s passing.

“My name is Babes Wodumo. I am a widow, a musician and a proud mother of Sponge. Mu husband uBabu Mampintsha was a great performer and a great provider but without him, on stage, it means our daily needs might not be taken care of. Alisekho ibhodwe eliy’ziko” reads the poster

Almost similar to Babes Wodumo, Ayanda Ncwane joined Clientele Life soon after her gospel singer husband, Sfiso Ncwane passed away. Ncwane passed away in 2016 shortly after falling ill from kidney failure. Subsequently, his wife Ayanda Ncwane joined Clientele Life.

Babes Wodumo is currently making headlines following taking it back to stage shortly after her husband’s passing. Even though during the funeral Pastor Dube urged people not to be too critical on Babes Wodumo, as she would be making her way back to stage in no time to make ends meet.


Certain people already feel as though her performances were too rushed and too sudden. Another video that is making rounds on social media is where Babes Wodumo was singing about how she is still mourning even though she is out in stages, performing.

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“Babes Wodumo yoh!! Hayi badla” wrote Andile

A number of people felt the Gqom Queen has taken things a little too far. At the same token other people are already celebrating Babes Wodumo for picking up the pieces.

“Personally I want Babes Wodumo to be back at the top, I need her travelling Africa, UK, the States and be everything she is meant to be” wrote Sisi Sbahle.


“It’s my wish as well however she also needs to go back to school. Knowledge is power,sometimes common sense alone is not enough when you are self employed” wrote Ntombi

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