The biggest scam in Mzansi after Bushiri. Thembi Nyathi is a medium, she helps people communicate with their loved ones. She has a show on Moja Love 157 called Dloz’Lami. The show airs on Tuesdays at 22:00. Her show is loved by a lot of people and a lot of people also go to the show, so that she can help them communicate with their ancestors.

The biggest scam in Mzansi after Bushiri

Some of the viewers of the show don’t believe that Thembi is really gifted. They are saying that she’s faking her gift, and why does all the dead people that she communicates with seem to be angry, greedy and demanding?

Lerato Prince Moloi posted a picture of Thembi on Facebook and captioned it with “The biggest scam in Mzansi after Bushiri.” The post had mixed reactions, others concurred with what Lerato Prince Moloi wrote but others defended Thembi.

Lerato was told that he should learn to respect people’s gifts and he must stop judging people for their gifts. Lerato also said that he won’t be misled by a with a phuza face who claims to have a gift that she doesn’t have.

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Gugulethu Mabaso Sikhosana, commented with Lerato Prince’s picture and said “Here you are scamming us with your eyesight.” After this comment a lot of comments came in talking about Lerato Prince’s squint eyes. And he also refrained from replying the comments.

Thembi Nyathi is not a scammer. The people who go to her show don’t pay a cent, her consultations are free. She also warned people about people who are trying to scam people using her name and her show. Why would she lie about having a gift when she doesn’t even charge the people who go to her show money. Scammers want money. The main reason why scammers scam people is because they want money.

Thembi can’t be compared to Bushiri. What they do is different. Even Bushiri didn’t scam people they gave him their money willingly.

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