The cure for HIV/AIDS has been discovered.HIV / AIDS has racked havoc across the World for years as many people have died from it.

The cure for HIV/AIDS has been discovered.

Before the ARV drugs AIDS was like cancer a death sentence however with the introduction of the drug one could now live a normal life but with some changes and the fact that you would have to drink the pills for the rest of your life without fail. It seems that will no longer be the case as BBC news reports that a cure for the virus has been found.


Reports suggest that a women from the United States is said I be the first women ever cured from the virus after receiving a stem cell transplant from someone with natural resistance to the Aids-causing virus This is a break through here are some of the rea tions on twitters’.

“HIV cure has been found. 🙏❤”

“I’m watching BBC news it was published an hour ago.”

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“Hmmm and all of a Sunday there’s a new HIV variant”

“I guess it’s been there for years,how do we explain the child born negative from a positive mum?Arvs are money making schemes just like the Covid19 vaccine”

“Remember the money is in the treatment and not the cure, hence they will never release the cure, though it’s common knowledge that it’s been there for ages!”

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