You all must be wondering who is the ghost that is hanging in Turf in SkeemSaam. Obviously its not Rachel. We’ve seen when Rachel make a decature in the show.

The Ghost In SkeemSaam Is not Rachel But Kelobogele; See The Truth

Leshole was the first person to meet this beautiful lady, yellowbone a lift to block A. Three man have also came forward and claim that they have given the same girm lift to block A but when Casswel see Rachel pictures it turned out that its not her.

It save Marothi because already Celia was throughing accusations of killing her flower. Everyone is starting to panic and now they are in lockdown too. The rumours of ghost that ask lift at 6:30 has cause Turf people to have curfew.

If its not Rachel then its who….??? Let me take you back. Apparently acconding to older people it is said that if there is ghost it means that person’s spirit is not in peace, thats spirit is looming the street because he/she is noy sleeping in peace. You will correct me if im wrong.

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Meet Kelebogile

Remember when that boy died, Tumishang who was killed by Meikie who held the Maputla’s hostage he died with a secret. He killed Mr Kgomo’s daughter but he did not revealed where he burried the body. She was beautiful, skin and yellowbone just like Rachel. Kelebogile’s spirit did not rest in peace. Its her spirit looming the street of Turf. Thats why people only give her lift at 6:30 because if was that time she was killed. The only person who know the truth is Leeto and Mokgadi.

On top of that Mr Kgomo does not believe in ghost. He think Celia is being paranoid. This is my vision of the story.


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