The poor treatment of pregnant women at a hospital in Rustenburg leaves many heartbroken.

The poor treatment of pregnant women at a hospital in Rustenburg leaves many heartbroken

Pregnancy and childbirth are stressful enough, but they’re even more so when hospitals and doctor’s offices are flooded with coronavirus patients and a hospital staff that does not seem to care.

This is the predicament that is supposedly being faced by pregnant women at a hospital in Rustenburg and Mzanzi is not impressed.

A picture has been doing the rounds on social media of pregnant women laying helplessly on the floor of hospital without receiving any medical attention.

Twitter users weighed in on the matter and a lot of opinions were shared on what could have been the cause of this chaos and poor service at the hospital.

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Public hospitals support most birth preferences and options. And they offer a safe, affordable, high-quality environment for labour, birth and maternity care. Public hospitals have a more institutional feel than birth centres or homebirths, well in an idle world.

Judging from the pictures coming from Rustenburg hospital they are not living up to their standards.

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