There Is Witchcraft In That Church – Dipou Tells AmaBishop How She Gave Almost R1m To Church.

There Is Witchcraft In That Church – Dipou Tells AmaBishop How She Gave Almost R1m To Church

A woman who was a guest on Moja Love’s AmaBishop last Sunday reveals how she was conned and spent almost a million at church giving it to the church and the pastor.

Dipou from Heaven international Fellowship International Church, who was a scientist shares her ordeal with AmaBishop and tells how broke she is all because she was giving her money to the church, she tells how they could not question the pastor’s doing when they are inside the church. She also said she was one of the people who were in the forefront at the church and she didn’t know that she was a victim since the environment at church was not normal.

“At this time I was checking the stock of my life and realize that I was not doing anything with my life. Today I can say that was not a normal environment.

“As a scientist you must always have a sound mind, as I am here I am no longer the same person I was before I went I to that church,” Dipou said.

The distraught woman said she joined the church in 2015 since she could not conceive and when she conceived, she was told that her unborn child was ripped out of her womb, but the church’s prayers saved the child.

“When I got to that church in 2015, I had two miscarriages, I was told I will conceive, I did conceived and had a child, like a Sonia said, he would call you to the office and talk to you, you are made to take out money, there are so many things.

“When the prophetic came, he said the child was ripped out of your stomach, and it was through our prayers that the child is still there,” she said.

Dipuo also added that just like her, prophet Samuel would make professionals to resign at their work places so that they would take the money they got from work and bring it to him at church.

“He would make professionals to leave their jobs so that he can get more money. My husband gave over R100 000 to the church to redeem the child from the curse, so that something doesn’t happen to it. When you walk into that church, he had already identified you a victim. There is witchcraft because even if you are seeing it, you can not talk about it,” she added.

The woman said she is broke, the family’s livelihood has been affected badly since the prophet took almost a million from them and they are left with nothing since he literally took everything from them.

“Our lovelihood was badly affected because he could have easily taken a million from us, he took everything from us and today as I am sitting here we have nothing,” she told Moja Love’s AmaBishop.

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While people are saying the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the pandemic was bad news to them, Dipou is thankful to the pandemic because that is the time where her eyes were opened and she then was able to find herself.

“The moment of clarity for me was Covid-19, during that time I was sober and I could see clearly because going there he would always lay hands on you and you would not think straight.

“I kept asking myself how did this happen to me at church. It was during the space of Covid-19 that I found myself,” she said in conclusion.

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