South Africans have been doing the most partying this festive season. Just like the seasons before. Mzansi peeps have been ‘wilding’ and it is understandable since we spent the most part of the year locked up.Things Get Wild At Groove After Drinking Savanna.

Things Get Wild At Groove After Drinking Savanna : Video

An alcoholic beverage has seemed to have gotten many people extremely drunk and we have been seeing many videos and footage of people behaving untowards after sipping on some Savanna.

A video at a groove has now emerged and just shows the extent people have gone after getting drunk. Reports suggest that the video was shot in Mabopane and shows a lady dancing while a man dances behind her. All her lady parts are visible as they drink some Savanna.

Towards the end of the video. The lady lies on the floor and spreads wide her legs much to the shock and horror of other revellers. Her dancing partner gladly goes on top of her and eats her cookie. Many people look on surprised as the video progresses.

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Below are some more images of people after Savanna.

The now viral video has been shared hundreds of times and people are worried the trend will continue and ultimately show the lowest that people can go.

You can watch the video below.


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