Candice Modiselle has called out a Tweep who prompted others to begin a petition to ban, Mzansi Magic’s Idols SA, which premiered on Sunday, 2 August 2020.This is why there is a Petition to Ban #IdolsSA

This is why there is a Petition to Ban #IdolsSA

It’s no secret that the ratings for the show have drastically plummeted over its sixteen season run, however, Candice has asked that people acknowledge the amount of people employed by the production.

She stated, “Yeah sure, you don’t like the show, but you’re also asking to “ban” the cast & crew that eat off of this production.

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Thereafter, Candice found out that there was in fact a petition that was circulating, and was appalled by the fact that social media users felt entailed enough to create unemployment because they didn’t like a show.

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