Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku Dealt A Horrible Card. Twitter is abuzz following yesterday’s episode of Uthando Nesthembu as scores of viewers feel as though Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku is in danger. Despite her newly found friendship with Busisiwe ‘MaCele’ Mseleku, it is suspected that all the wives are jealous of her.

Thobile 'MaKhumalo' Mseleku Dealt A Horrible Card

Viewers are outraged at how all Mseleku wives are treating MaKhumalo ahead of her event. After learning that MaCele, Mbali ‘MaNgwabe’ Mseleku and Nokukhanya ‘MaYeni’ Mseleku will not be in attendance at MaKhumalo’s traditional ceremony, Umembeso.

Viewers have praised MaKhumalo as one wife who shows up for the other wives. However, seeing MaKhumalo being dealt a bad card by the other wives has raised eyebrows.

“I smell jealousy from the other wives… THOBILE being on RHODurban THOBILE working on UkhoziFM THOBILE buying herself a car with her money THOBILE renovating her house without Mseleku s help while yo faves are selling dresses on instagram from size 34,36,38” wrote Sindisiwe Mafoh


Although, traditionally and especially in a polygamy marriages. Other wives are not meant to attend another wives Umembeso. Another viewers pointed out that for wives not attending another wife’s traditionally ceremony is only common practice. The viewer continued to mention that the only time other wives can attend another wife’s ceremony, is only when the ceremony is taking place in the same kraal as their husband’s household.

“I see the tweets about Mayeni and Macele not going to Thobile’s Membeso, in Polygamy awu attend umcimbi okuba ka Mnakwenu it’s a common practice the only time you attend is if it’s within the same kraal owagcagcela kona, in this instance ka Mseleku” wrote Sneh MaGcwabe



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MaCele finds herself catching smoke because her and MaKhumalo have formed a great friendship right before viewers. However, now that she is pulling stunts and showing off the old uptight first wife, viewers are certainly not thrilled at the change of heart MaCele is portraying towards MaKhumalo.


“MaCele lowkey has a problem with Thobile, in the previous season when Thobile was planning her wedding, MaCele announced that before any wedding happens, she needs to discuss something noMseleku. Kanti indaba yama rondo. The wedding never happened. Now this? Hai” wrote Thembisile

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