TNS was not joking when he told DJ Maphorisa to not provoke him as the young muso has fired his first shot. When or why this beef started is still a mystery but a wild guess would be it started when Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee were taking shots at each other. TNS wants Maphorisa to stay away from ama 2000s

TNS wants Maphorisa to stay away from ama 2000s

DJ Maphorisa dabbled in many genres before making yet another mark at the Amapiano phenomenon. Big names such as Prince Kaybee are still doing big things in the house and dance genre but according to Maphorisa he is not doing the genre any justice. Phori involved TNS and said he had hopes that the genre was left in capable hands but he is disappointed.

TNS fired back when he posted a video on Instagram, saying he respects DJ Maphorisa, but he does not care about his beef with Prince Kaybee.

TNS said if he sees any weakness from Prince Kaybee, then he must not refer it to him because he does not want to be dragged into their saga.

The artist warned Maphorisa to not involve him otherwise hell will break loose. He further told them to keep their beef on social media, because they are bored.

Now, on Facebook TNS has decided to diss Maphorisa after it was revealed that he dates 19 and 18 year-old’s. As a young producer himself, TNS said Maphorisa should stay away from young kids, adding that people will only take himseriously once he stops wearing his Gucci doeks.

“Grandpa Maphorisa is very bored now, he is busy running around with kids born in the year 2000. Kids will love you once you stop wearing those ugly doeks on your head and chasing after young girls,” he wrote on Facebook. He then proceeded to promote his new music.

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When a fan saw the post from Facebook, he tagged Prince Kaybee on the tweet saying he should sit down and talk to him. Prince wanted nothing to do with the negativity and asked people to tag him on something positive for a change.

TNS Music has not had the smoothest of careers as the talented young musician has been marred with controversy countless times. The controversies do not however, take away the talent and the wonderful career he has as well as the support from fans.

Prince and TNS are in good terms, or so we thought, but TNS recently dumped the Wajelwa hitmaker as his mentor and said it was Black Coffee. Another recipient in Kaybee’s list of feuds.

The internationally renowned DJ has inspired many with his rags to riches story and how he continues to fly the South African flag up high. However, many would have though his inspiration is Prince Kaybee seeing how the world got introduced to him through Prince.

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