TOUGH TIMES| Some Sad News Involving L’vovo Derango. This past December has been a dreadful one for the music industry in Durban as two prominent artists in the form of Lvovo Derango and Big Nuz’s Mampintsha were hit with strokes in the same time frame, with Mampintsha succumbing to the health condition.

TOUGH TIMES - Some Sad News Involving L'vovo Derango

Lvovo was fortunate to recover from his stroke after he was admitted in hospital, explaining that the stroke affected his eyesight and one side of his body. Derango is however out of hospital but the aftermath of the stroke is in effect as he is unable to work, this confirmed by his manager.

His manager, Sthabiso Dladla tod the Sowetan newspaper that Lvovo cancelled 9 gigs after he suffered the stroke. This is surely not a good thing as this will affect the artist financially but he will probably feel that his health is a priority than money at the moment.

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Lvovo revealed that a poor diet and his habit of not taking his blood pressure medication resulted in him suffering from the stroke.

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