TV host and actor Aaron Moloisi sets the record straight. TV host and actor Aaron Moloisi has been spotted on several occasions with white beads around his neck. The beads are mostly worn by izangoma and people born with spiritual gifts.

TV host and actor Aaron Moloisi sets the record straight
This has led to his fans addressing him as mkhulu. Somewhen greeting him have started saying “thokoza mkhulu”, which is how izangoma are greeted.

The Umphakathi presenter denied having spiritual gifts and said people call him mkhulu out of respect.
He said: “Just because people call me mkhulu or say thokoza gogo or mkhulu doesn’t mean I’m a sangoma. They say that out of respect. He said he wears beads to embrace his African culture. I’m African and proud,” he told the People’s Paper.

Aaron, who used to act on The Queen, said if he was a sangoma he’d announce it as it’s not something to be ashamed of. He respects people who’ve gone through that journey.

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South African Traditional Healers Association spokesman Sazi Mhlongo said different types of beads are linked with spiritual beliefs. And there are those used as accessories or swag,” said Mhlongo.

the white and red beads are associated with being a sangoma or inyanga. A person can’t just wear them. They wear them only if they’re izangoma in training or have graduated. The beads connect them with their ancestors.

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