Tweeps are dragging celebrity gossip blogger Musa Khawula for making nasty comments about veteran actress Connie Ferguson.

Tweeps Drag Gossip Blogger Musa Khawula For Saying Nasty Comments About Connie Ferguson

Musa is popular on Twitter for maliciously firing shots at South African celebrities, and this time he aimed at The Queen star.

Musa Khawula said Connie Ferguson is a terrible actress, and people are just being nice to her because her husband Shona Ferguson is dead.

He tweeted:

Are ya’ll ready to talk about Connie Ferguson’s lack of acting skill or we gonna continue to be kind because she just lost her husband. All’s I’m saying is beautiful gowns. also ya’ll liked kings of joburg, matter of fact is it was complete garbage.

As much as Tweeps find Musa Khawula’s content intriguing, they did not agree with his salvos and came in droves to Connie’s defence. Check out their responses.



Eyy, Musa just says anything at this point. You know damn well that Connie Ferguson is a GREAT actress. Honestly one of the best in the game… calm down on the hating, dude.


So you will say anything for retweets and likes 🙃🤔


It’s before your time youngen. Connie Ferguson is a brilliant actress. Her role on generations and multiple other roles made it possible to see strong black women on television. She changed the game 🏆


You don’t know when to stop wena.


Wa phapha wena lwabish


Young man Don’t try to get relevance by stepping on other peoples gardens. It’s bad ! Stop it !


No we’re not ready but until we are, can talk about your Skills?


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Connie Ferguson has been acting since the inception of Generations in 1994, where she played the role of Karabo Mokena. Over the years, she has starred in productions like Soul City, The Wild, Rockville and The Queen.

Connie Ferguson with Leleti Khumalo and Sophie Ndaba on Generations. [Image: SowetanLIVE]
Together with her late husband Shona Ferguson, they launched Ferguson Films which produces The Queen. On Saturday, she won Favourite Personality at the DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards.

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