Kabza De Small’s picture was leaked to the social media at night with the lady Twitter says is his girlfriend. Their posing of the picture is making it difficult for the public domain to really figure out who the lady is. Twitter does not have time to rest, and they came up with more on the story. Twitter reveals Kabza De Small partner and he paid Lobola.

Twitter reveals Kabza De Small partner and he paid Lobola

Pictures are shared in light of Musa Khawula’s breaking moment of the allegation. Those photos have been shared because, according to them, they are of the lady Kabelo has been dating and they were unaware of. He was mostly seen in the studio working on music and going to shows. Little did they know that he was not single.


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One person even thought that Kabza De Small was a married man. But if he was married all along, it would have been known that for the first time a picture of his partner was leaked and they could not find it right that he was actually off the market. It does not make a valid point about the marriage.


At first, when an individual’s news is revealed to the media, they do not say much about it. If Khawula is right about them, they will be confirmed as the whole truth. Twitter does not really take a break, and all of these are coming from one source in a matter of two days, after Naak MusiQ, Khawula Musa.

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