In the continually unfolding drama of Katlego Maboe and the leaked video of him admitting to have stepped out on his wife and possibly infected her with an STD that might have affected her fertility. Twitter Start #OutsuranceMustFall after Dropping Katlego Maboe

Twitter Start #OutsuranceMustFall after Dropping Katlego Maboe

When the story first broke on Friday, Katlego was at the receiving end of the backlash. Feminists were dragging him through the murder for being the quintessential men-are-trash archetype. Black women hated for not only marrying a “non-sister.

And then he went on to choose to step out on the “non-sister” with another “non-sister.” Katlego through his actions made sure we all know that he has a type. Well, except that rumored time with former SABC 3 personality, Lorna Maseko.

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