Drama on social media as our own Zuva Habane clash with SA’s Unathi over a selfie. The two celebrities have taken to social media their little so-called fight over a selfie-and some social media keyboard warriors have also commented on the issue. So here is how it all started.  Unathi Fights With Zimbabwean Socialite Zuva Habane Over A Selfie.

Unathi Fights With Zimbabwean Socialite Zuva Habane Over A Selfie

Zuva Habane was at a function which Unathi and her friends also attended and our Tete Zuva Habane noticing that Unathi was there decided to go and take a selfie with the sister and it all went sour as Unathi denied her the selfie citing that she Habane was not putting on her mask when she approached her.

She further said she was all lovey-dovey with her partner kissing and cuddling, then she had the audacity of then coming to her without a face mask on. Hence the reason why she turned down the selfie request.

The above statement did not seat well with Zuva Habane who then decided to post the incident on her social media platform. See picture below

Unathi then replied with the statement below

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And then Unathi’s friend Minnie Dlamini also jumped into the issue defending Unathi with the help of some friends too. Check the picture below


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