In the Uyajola99 episode from last night, we meet a woman who embarrassed herself. The woman is in tears after being dumped on national television. Elsie, a woman, believed her boyfriend was unfaithful to her. She wrote to Uyajola99 to ask for confirmation that her feelings were accurate.

#Uyajola99: A Lady Embarrasses Herself After She Gets Dumped While Trying To Expose Her Boyfriend

The woman believed she was dating her boyfriend, but she was mistaken—he wasn’t interested in her. After breaking up with his girlfriend who is still in Cape Town, he was using her as a rebound.


Elsie and the man were only involved in sex transactions. The man claims that he never had a romantic or romantic-like relationship with her, but he does admit to having slept with her.

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After this man claimed that they were not dating and that he texted her to ask how she was doing, viewers were left perplexed. They started dating and experienced ups and downs before he changed his mind and called her a side-chick. It appears that the woman was putting up a fight for a man who didn’t want her.–uginJRjDBWiL-IR4w

Mzansi believes that this girl is crazy based on how she is acting. They have been dating for four months, and already the lady has called Jub Jub. It’s sad that she has to go through this because the guy’s love for her now seems to be a “flash in the pan.”

The current show has just served as a reminder to me that men will always cheat, regardless of how hot you are.

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