Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede has bought an expensive brand new Land Rover which costs approximately R1,7 million. Not only that she also has a new house. Uzalo MaMlambo Shows Off New Car And Buys New House

Uzalo MaMlambo Shows Off New Car And Buys New House

The actress has blessed herself with the luxurious and elegant car but she was not able to contain her excitement and took it all the way to social media to boast about her latest achievement.

In a lengthy message, Gugu Gumede had herself and her financial advisor to thank for her latest big purchase along with other people who played a role.

Wanting to keep her private life private, she acknowledged that she is not one to post about such things however saw it fitting to do so.

Even though the world has currently lost a lot because of the pandemic, affecting people’s livelihoods, she is grateful that she was able to buy herself the car and become a proud new home owner.

“Not the type of content I like to post, but definitely the type of testimonies I like to see. God has been so faithful. During the time of famine, I’ve thrived. Within one week, I signed the transfer docs to my first home and got this baby too. God did that,” she wrote.

Gugu then thanked her banker and financial advisor for making it possible as was able to use her money wisely. She is on her way to becoming a billionaire.

“Thank you to my banker, @ntokozomalembe, who works overtime with me 😂 Thank you for helping me make sound financial decisions and guiding me. You’ve changed my life. To my financial adviser, @leroyfirmin, whom I’m on the phone with way too much, discussing how he must make me a billionaire by the time I’m forty, you’ve got 11 years Leroy, don’t sleep.

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Thank you for pushing me to be better and for guiding me to invest wisely. To my dealer, @kresson_govender from Land Rover Durban – he lost his Mom last Friday, but was back to deliver my car on Monday – thank you so much.

To all single queens creating legacies and building generational wealth, you’ve got this. Our dreams are valid, let’s build. Put in the work. We really are our ancestors’ wildest dreams,” she advised.

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