Uzalo’s Gugu Gumede’s Green Dress Breaks the Internet

Uzalo’s Gugu Gumede’s Green Dress Breaks Internet : Pics

Gugu Gumede has been making headlines since the lockdown went into level 4. The Uzalo actress made headlines a fortnight ago when she bought herself a house and a car within a space of six days. Now Gugu Gumede’s green dress is breaking the internet after her photo went viral on social media.

The actress was captured at an event in Durban on the 25th of September 2020. The Durban Fashion Fair showcases different fashionistas in Durban and is also a major highlight in the Durban fashion industry.

The 28-year-old Gugu Gumede showed up wearing a green dress that left nothing to the imagination. The picture went viral and attracted a lot of reactions from social media. Many people were worried and highlighted how it was too revealing.

Earlier in the week, apart from the Green Dress, she also broke the internet with her afro hairstyle. The star has been seen donning a natural hairstyle and how she has ditched weaves.

Uzalo’s Gugu Gumede’s Green Dress Breaks Internet : Pic

Gugu has been sporting her natural crown on social media and recently told Move magazine that it all started by wanting to embrace her natural hair.

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“I used to wear wigs because I just didn’t feel beautiful without them,” she admitted, adding that it was only when she started growing the afro that she saw beauty in a different way”.

“I’m fine with my hair in it is natural to state but most people would not see it as beautiful … Beauty is so subjective. It is definitely a state of mind. Beauty has to be an internal thing; you cannot think beauty is someone’s stamp of approval or validation of who you are,” she says.

She has been showing off her natural hair on social media and said she had been getting a lot of messages from women saying the move had inspired them to do the same.

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