Video Of A Live Snake Money Ritual Has Emerged.

Video Of A Live Snake Money Ritual Has Emerged

As much as a greater number of people do not really believe in money rituals, it is still not clear whether they do exist, just like mermaids. According to some religious leaders and traditional doctors, money rituals do exist & if one sacrifices their body part or blood of a close relative, you will one day wake up a rich man. In the same vein, up to this day, no one has come up and gave a testimony that they made real money from rituals except in movies. However, a video of what seems like a traditional healer performing money rituals with a live snake has left social media talking.

According to a 1-minute video clip, a man is seen splashing some liquids and powder on an empty black wooden box as he eventually closes it. A man sitting in his red shrine then takes a black cloth and covers the empty wooden box. After that, he picks it up as and covers it with his black cloth, again. Surprisingly, he then opens the wooden box, and this time the stacks of money appear out of nowhere, alongside a brown middle-sized snake attempting to move out of the box filled with banknotes.

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Below is a video of a live snake money ritual.


He continues to take the banknotes out of the mysterious wooden box as he brags,’ No challenger, I said no challenger, no challenger !’He eventually concludes by saying that he is based in Nigeria and whoever seeks his services can be assisted as the distance is not a barrier. The late Zimbabwean businessman & socialite, whose source of income was not clear, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure has been accused by social media of using a snake to make millions. However, his housemaid of 15 years rubbished the allegations during an interview with a ZBC reporter.

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