Video of Parkwood man being forced to have s3x with with a metal pole goes viral. An investigation into a video showing a man being brutally raped with a metal pole has yielded no results as cops try to trace the origins.

Video of Parkwood man being forced to have s3x with with a metal pole goes viral

The shocking clip, showing a man screaming in pain as he is repeatedly beaten while his attackers laugh into the camera, has gone viral on chat groups.

According to initial information, the video was made in Parkwood and the victim is accused of raping a child.

However, Grassy Park Police Station Commander, Colonel Dawood Laing says the claims could not be substantiated.

The clip, which lasts for just over two minutes, starts by showing the victim being held down on a mattress as he is being stripped.

He continually pleads with his attackers when one of the three men looks into the camera and says: “Hosh ons n*** vir hulle soortes. Ek gaan jou n***, n***er”.

Another man is seen holding the victim and beating him while his accomplice sodomises him with a metal pole and beats him with a hammer.

Laing says: “We were alerted to the video last Wednesday and after receiving it, we immediately looked into it.

“Our team at Grassy Park are very well acquainted with all the gangsters in our precinct but the team could not identify the suspects or the victim.

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“We conducted a prelim investigation and there was nothing to substantiate that it happened in Parkwood.

“We also do not have any rape cases that match the description given with the video.”

He adds the video may be linked to gang rituals.

“In some gangs this is a form of punishment. Often incidents like this are not reported to the police,” he adds.

“I encourage people to stop sharing this video and instead come forward if they have any information.”

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