VIDEO: Woman Ripped Cheating Lover’s Car Apart With Her Bare Hands. Most people do not react positively when they find out that their partners are cheating on them. Some indulge on ice cream whilst watching romantic movies and crying their eyes out, but others, would rather get their sweet revenge by making the cheating partner suffer.

VIDEO: Woman Ripped Cheating Lover’s Car Apart With Her Bare Hands

There are people who prefer confronting the side lover and demand answers to find out what is it that they are doing with their partners instead of dealing with the person that has cheated on them. Some even go to the extend of beating up the side partner just to make them pay, and the last thing that they ever think about is the consequences of their actions, like having an assault charge against them.

In a video that has gone viral, a woman who was extremely furious was seen ripping her partner’s car apart with her bare hands. It is not clear what the reason could be, but Mzansi already assumes that there is a cheating lover in the picture.

In thr background, people can be heard screaming in shock as sge continued to tear the car from the front, piece by piece. The man can be seen standing next to her, but he does nothing to try and stop his angry lover’s behaviour. All he did was watch as the bumper was ripped and thrown away in front of his eyes.

Mzansi says that her actions will not change the cheating man’s behaviour and that psychotic women should not be trusted from the onset as there are always red flags that give one a hint that they should not engage with them.

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Some say that the man’s insurance will not pay for this as it is obvious that the car was intentionally damaged. Others say that the woman’s tactics will not force him to love her at all, that a lawsuit will just follow after all is done.

Watch the video here:

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