VIDEO: Zizo Tshwete’s preaching video has Mzansi divided. Zizo Tshwete has found a new passion in preaching the gospel.

VIDEO: Zizo Tshwete’s preaching video has Mzansi divided

The media personality posted a series of videos on her social media account preaching about God and calling on people to accept Jesus into their lives in order to fulfill their purpose.

While many were touched by the messages others expressed concern for Zizo’s suddenly spiritual awakening. Some social media users attributed her behaviour change to depression and assumed that her personal life was the cause.

@miss_andisa said: “You guys are being weird about Zizo. If you’re going to cut 45 seconds out of a 13 minute long video, obviously you’re going to make her look and sound the way she sounds in these short clips.”

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@lizwedmatu said: “You guys are wrong for mocking Zizo yazi. That lady doesn’t bother anyone.”

@vanessa_kn2 said: “Preaching doesn’t mean that someone is going through the most and even if they do some find healing and peace in the word of God. Y’all are weird for mocking Zizo for preaching. I got her message and understood it.”

@thandok514 said: “But why does she sound upset? Its like we are being forced to do something.Is she okay? This is not the Zizo we all know.”


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