VIDEO: Zodwa Wabantu n@ked in bed with her ex Ben 10 Vusi?Rumor has it Zodwa might be back with her ex Ben 10 Vusi. Taking to her Instagram account, the famous dancer posted a video of herself naked in bed with someone. Although she only shows the bottom half of their bodies, her fans seem to identify the man as Vusi.

Zodwa posts a very scandalous caption with the video. The caption reads;

“Ngicela NifaniseUmuntu Wethu. Kuphela,I don’t Keep Nor Fight for a Man. I just F@#$#5k him when it’s my Turn. Imagine ungisabisa Ngaye🧠 My Red Safety Safety Belt Witch🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️ 1st June”

Ever since her failed relationships she has decided to keep things private now. Zodwa’s fans are reacting wildly to the video which is clear that the people in it had an intimate encounter. People are assuming it can only be Vusi in the video.


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Here are some of the comments from the public:

Lolonyawo ngathi oluka14 year boy lusafresh Zozo😂😂. Enjoy

It will end in tears but enjoy when u still have time

😂😂😂😂😂point of correction 🤞🤞tell them please let know u don’t fight 😉

Ubuyile uVusi]

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Vusi ubuyile futhi? Because The feet looks like his.

😂😂😂😂 you killed me ,but his legs 🦵 are so tiny 😂😂😂

UmaVusana ubuyile

One thing that people can derive from the video is that the man with Zodwa is younger. However, other fans warn her that if she is not as careful it will end in tears like her previous relationships. A year ago Zodwa confirmed that the couple had split. She revealed that things started getting sour between the couple after a break-in at her house in Durban.

“Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave,” she said.

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