Viral Uyajola 99 Episode Is Here. The highly-anticipated Uyajola 99 episode with host Jub Jub chasing a cheating man on a running horse in Matatiele will be airing this Sunday.

Viral Uyajola 99 Episode Is Here

The extraordinary episode started making the rounds on social media earlier on in the year and the masses have been looking forward to it ever since. Jub Jub shared the trailer on his social media and fans can’t wait for the entire show airing this Sunday.

The woman who wrote to Uyajola 99 has been complaining about her partner who has a tendency of cheating on her. Jub Jub and his crew found him cheating and as they were confronting him, he got on his horse and ran away. Sadly, for him, he didn’t get that far as he fell off his horse. As soon as he fell, he started running after his horse.


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Jub Jub has come under fire in recent days after a comment from ex-girlfriend Kelly Khumalo that implied that he is a deadbeat dad. This was during last week’s episode of Life With Kelly Khumalo when she paid her friend Wanda a visit in Mozambique.

“You never told me since the last time we spoke. It’s been a while. We haven’t really spoken about it and I wanted to ask you – what is the situation with Christian’s father, him meeting him and, what happened there?” Asked Wanda.

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